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Hunting Gear Pawnbrokers

You might spend every hunting season sitting by the water or camped out in the woods to collect a prize-winning buck or ducks to cook at home. Peninsula Pawn appreciates the investment of time and money you put into your sport, including the value of all your equipment. We also sell hunting items to bolster your collection. We currently offer firearm transactions at our Cambridge and Seaford locations.


Pawn Your Gear to Get Quick Cash

Pawning your valued items can help you pay your bills or invest in new equipment. Our pawnshops accept a broad range of hunting goods, and we give you top dollar for trade-ins. If you have rifles or shotguns, let us take a look to put together a great deal. They can be new or antique, and we appreciate any caliber, gauge, and action you have to offer. Our team can offer loans on compound bows, crossbows, hunting knives, camouflage apparel, and many other pieces of equipment and accessories. We verify whether your items have resale value in the marketplace and base our offer on how much we can get to create a fair offer.

Find New Items for Your Hunting Collection

Our inventory may include everything from New * Used guns, Bows, Hunting Knives, Cleaning Kits, Targets, Ammunition, Hunting Blinds, Decoys, Duck Calls and so much more. You do not need to go to a major retail chain to find equipment for your weekends in the woods. Peninsula Pawn has a wide selection of items ready for you to find and add to your set. Our commitment to fair treatment and great deals extends to customers of all types, from seasoned hunters to novice sportspeople starting their new hobby. Gun Sales are offered in Seaford & Cambridge locations presently. Contact us today for more information.

Find a Great Deal for Your Unused Items