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Pawn Shop

Broker a Deal on Electronics, Jewelry, & More

Do you have valuables that you would like to convert to cash? Peninsula Pawn is ready to help you with our pawn services, offering great deals for your electronics, jewelry, firearms, power tools, musical instruments, and much more!

We have FOUR convenient locations to better serve you! Seaford, Delmar, and Millsboro, DE, and one location in Cambridge, MD. Our staff of friendly and knowledgeable experts will offer you top dollar for your merchandise. LET OUR TEAM put cash in your pocket today! Come visit one of our 4 locations to find a broad range of electronics, lawn and garden, jewelry, firearms (Seaford & Cambridge), power tools, and musical equipment available for PURCHASE and save the difference.

Peninsula Pawn

Four Convenient Locations To Better Serve You

Each of our locations are unique and offer a full-scale inventory of electronics, tools, lawn, and musical equipment. Cambridge and Seaford have a large inventory of firearms and ammunition.

Visit each location to find YOUR TREASURE.

Our employees treat every customer like family.

Volley Balls

Your Home to Get a Pawn Loan and We Will Purchase Your Items at Top Dollar!

When you face crushing bills, an unexpected expense, or another financial situation, you might need quick cash to keep your head above water. Our fair loans supply you with the funds you need at a fair interest rate, so you can pay off your debts or get items you need for your daily life.

If you have electronics, silver/gold jewelry, power tools, lawn, and garden equipment, or collectible currency to pawn, our team will assess its value and give you a fair offer. We also SELL all these items and more at our four locations at fair prices, letting you find a good deal, buy it, and walk out with a new treasured possession.

Great Deals at All Four Locations

Peninsula Pawn has you covered when you want to buy new items, pawn old ones, or take out a loan to pay your expenses. We proudly support our surrounding communities with top-quality customer service and honest prices on all merchandise.

Voted Best Pawn Shop 3 Years Consecutive!